Welcome to IDA-Minsc

IDA-minsc is a plugin for IDA Pro that assists a user with scripting the IDAPython plugin that is bundled with the disassembler. This plugin groups the different aspects of the IDAPython API into a simpler format which allows a reverse engineer to script different aspects of their work with very little investment.
hamsters for everyone

A number of concepts are introduced such as a tagging system, support for multicased functions, and filtering with the intention that most search and annotation issues can be performed with just a few lines of code. This should enable a user to write quick, hacky, temporary code that can be used to augment their reversing endeavors without distraction.

This plugin supports all the different platforms that IDA supports which includes Windows, Linux, and MacOS. At the present time, only IDA 6.9 up till IDA 7.1.180227 are currently supported.